Spectrum of Sound – Black

Spectrum of Sound - Black

We preoccupy ourselves with the absence or the complete absorption of light on this week’s Spectrum of Sound featuring the color black. Enter our black hole on your way to a phonic singularity after the turn.

Black Sabbath – Iron Man

Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

Big Black – Bad Penny

Black Francis – Black Rubber

Black Flag – Rise Above

Pearl Jam – Black

AC/DC – Back in Black

Burning Brides – Heart Full of Black

XTC – Generals and Majors (Black Sea Album)

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy

The Cramps – Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon

Metallica – Fade to Black

Kiss – Black Diamond

Ram Jam – Black Betty

3 Responses to “Spectrum of Sound – Black”

  • Black oak Arkansas?! My first concert at 13. Frampton and Montrose were on the bill for $5. 1973.

    That black flag clip is fantastic.

    glad you put these together, wish I had more time to cruise youtube. there some gems out there.

  • Pearl Jam makes Spectrum of Sound for the third week in a row. Yeah!! Wonder if they have a song for every color.

  • Hot damn, Big Black is so bad ass, been a fan forever — never seen vid before, thanks for that!

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