Spectrum of Sound – Green

Spectrum of Sound - Green: YouTube Tuesday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Grab your shillelagh and join us for this week’s Spectrum of Sound featuring the color green. You might want to grab a pint as well before venturing down ye olde sonic-path. There’s a whole bunch of them. EPM Sham-rockin’ out!

Gang Green – Alcohol

Misfits – Green Hell

The Jam – Pretty Green

Gorillaz – O-Green World

Weezer (Green Album) – Hash Pipe

Metallica – Last Caress/Green Hell

Siouxsie & the Banshees – Green Fingers

Green Day – Welcome to Paradise

Paul Westerberg – Lush and Green

Husker Du – Green Eyes

CCR – Green River

Green River – P.C.C.

Pearl Jam – Green Disease

X-Ray Spex – World Turned Dayglo

Sugarloaf – Green Eyed Lady

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