Spectrum of Sound – Blue

YouTube Tuesday, February 3, 2009 - Spectrum of Sound - Blue

The Sun is shining and the sky is blue here in our fine city making this week’s spectrum of sound color choice simple. This week’s color is blue and we found a few videos that fit the bill. See all the moving pictures after the turn.

The Clash – Protex Blue

The Briefs – Ephedrine Blue

TSOL – Code Blue

Johnny Cash – Blue Train

New Order – Blue Monday

Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues

Blue Oyster Cult – ME 262

Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas

Screaming Blue Messiahs – Wild Blue Yonder

Shocking Blue – Venus

The Soviettes – The Land of Clear Blue Radio

Jay Reatard – Turning Blue

Nirvana – Love Buzz (Orginal by Shocking Blue)

4 Responses to “Spectrum of Sound – Blue”

  • Were you aware of the Clash/B.O.C. connection when making this post? Just curious! Sandy Pearlman was supposed to be their new producer and when he came backstage to meet them, the group (or its crew) beat his ass for being such a longhair!

  • Its seems the Briefs are masters of taking stock punk titles and slogans and turing them into song titles of their own- the Vibrators already did a great single called “Amphetamine Blue”… Randy knows- he lost the record when I loaned it to him! Or did I give it too him?

    On a related note- someone should tell the Briefs that they can’t ALL be Captain Sensible- only one guy in the band can do that at best.

    In the late 80’s there was a long forgotten group that tried the same thing and we said “hey you can’t all be Dave Pirner on stage at once!”.

    I know a lot of good art is derivitive but its funny when the whole band takes the persona of a dude who was originally just one guy in a group of 4.

    All in the spirit of good conversation!

  • Ahm so blue! Great clash cut. dig that version of ME262, been awhile. Pearlman was quite the writer/producer . Just saw a rerun of the “more cowbell” SNL skit that had Christopher Walkin as Pearlman (not the name they gave him in the skit but that’s who they were going after). Laugh my butt off everytime I see that.

  • I can’t hear you badmouthing the Briefs. (hands over ears) LA la la la la la la la !

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