Off Spring

Kathline and Jack @ Newberg

We took advantage of the good weather and headed out to Newberg for a mid-winter day session. Kathleen and Jack, progeny of MC and Grover, respectively, joined us on our adventure. In addition to getting their skate on, Kathleen took best helmet honors while Jack ran away with the Star Wars t-shirt division. Check out larger versions of the pics after turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Kathleen - Kitty Helmet @ Newberg

Kathleen rocking the kitty helmet

Jack - Rolling Flat @ Newberg

Jack picking a line

Kathline - Rolling Flat @ Newberg

Kathleen rolling the flats

Jack - Ollie Crack @ Newberg

Jack working on ollies over the crack

Kathleen - BS Kickturn @ Newberg

Kathleen kick-turning in the sun

Jack - FS Fling @ Newberg

Jack mid-frontside board fling

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