No Ramp For Old Men

Vert Ramp @ Hood River

The Hood River vert ramp has a new home and it’s not far from its current home. Word has it that some folks in Parkdale, a community south of Hood River, are moving the ramp to an indoor location. That’s all we know. With respect to Grover, well, he’s sad, dejected and keeping a stiff upper lip. Hang in there champ; sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. More photos after the turn.

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Vert Ramp - Fall Foliage @ Hood River

Fall foliage and the Hood River ramp

Grover - Bench Setting @ Hood River

Grover reflecting on a park bench in full pads

Grover - Video Cam @ Hood River

Focusing on the next GVK and trying not to think about his empty backyard

11 Responses to “No Ramp For Old Men”

  • Hopefully this Indoor Parkdale location will be public. Any word on that?

  • Well maybe we should go look at that old wreck out in Molino this weekend and see if there’s enough to make something.

  • Sorry you missed it Grover. You guys should start fresh. Its hard to make perfect tranny from old twisted lumber. Besides you already have a perfect concrete vert ramp out in St Johns, with corners and a fullpipe attached. Now about that Pier Park session this weekend……

  • There is always the tried and true DIY concrete bowl approach with some local Dreamland/Grindline expertise thrown in for supervision. I would do it so the property could be sold with a legit swimming pool.

  • Grover wouldn’t have felt so bad about losing the bid if he hadn’t read all the supportive emails on this site wishing him luck and offering to help with transport, etc. Darn near brought a tear to his eye. I’m just glad I won’t have a bunch of sweaty skaters asking to use my bathroom…well, not as many.

    To answer BJJPDX/Tom’s question: Parks & Recs told me the ramp will be housed in someone’s barn, not a public place.

  • Some folks were working on tearing down the ramp today at Hood River. It looked like most of the Skatelite was removed along with the railings around the deck tops. That is one big project.

  • Sorry you didn’t get it Grover. I’m sure it will miss you too. But maybe you’ll be invited to it’s new home. And to Mrs. GVK, I’m sorry. 😉

    (just kidding Grover)

  • Sorry to hear about your loss Grover.
    I heard a rumor that the city of West Lynn was making this guy remove his ramp.
    If I remember right the dimensions are about the same as the Hood River ramp.
    I think he was asking $2500.00.
    If you are interested I could try to get his Ph# for you.

  • The fucking ramp is still not up. Soon it will ne a minnie I just know it. a year an a half has past.

  • sick grove, c ya at bg when its dry sometime

  • i think that is the last vert ramp close. Unless you wanna drive to skate barn in renton.

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