New ‘Crete on Highway 82

Snowmass, CO - Dreamland

About halfway between Carbondale and Aspen lies the town of Snowmass, Colorado. Why do you care? Well, Snowmass is the location of a new Dreamland creation. Skater, sometimes fisherman, Shawn Reinert was kind enough to bring us back some pictures of the newly finished park and it looks great. Highway 82 is quickly becoming skatepark alley with parks in Carbondale (Grindline), Aspen (Team Pain) and now Snowmass (Dreamland). Check out some pictures of the park in the gallery.

Photo Gallery

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  • WOO-HOO!! Two hours drive from my house! Plus Airspeed is rumored to have a park in the works for Silt,CO Thanks for sharing the pics!

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