Dr. Brad Krohn’s Deck Chronology (1979-2007)

Brad - BS over Stairs @ Glenhaven

Alright all you deck freaks, let’s hear what you got. Dr. Brad Krohn, a.k.a. Evil Dr. K. of Super Grover fame, was nice enough to send us a list of the decks he has skated over the years. Check them out after the turn and feel free to share your own list. Earth Patrol Out!

  1. Nash “Bowl Rider”, plastic
  2. Kryptonics Micke Alba K-beam, flat
  3. Alva Hosoi
  4. Powell-Peralta Vato Rat
  5. Zorlac Craig Johnson (Pushead voodoo doll)
  6. Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas (Kevin Ancell/1st run)
  7. Skull skates Hosoi
  8. Alva Street Fire
  9. Alva Steet Fire
  10. Skull Skates Diehard
  11. Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall
  12. Alva Fred Smith
  13. Skull Skates Steve Olson
  14. Skull Skates Todd Swank
  15. G&S Danny Webster
  16. Skull Skates Justin Lovely
  17. Naked Boards SX
  18. Santa Cruz Gregor Rankin
  19. BBC Monty Nolder
  20. BBC Monty Nolder
  21. Naked Boards Hawk-shape
  22. Naked Boards Hawk-shape
  23. Naked Boards Street-shape
  24. Tracker GSD (airline disaster placard)
  25. Santa Cruz Team Slick
  26. Santa Cruz Team Dot
  27. Santa Cruz Street Skull
  28. Beer City Duane Peters
  29. Dogtown Red Dog popsicle
  30. Skull Skates Hardcore
  31. Cold War Naked Raygun
  32. Poolside Mid
  33. Red Cross Steve Olson
  34. Zorlac John Gibson
  35. Cold War Skate and Scab
  36. Cold War 8.5″

Brad would like to thank Pinchy for transcribing his dictation on the subject.

Brad - BS over Stairs(under shot) @ Glenhaven

22 Responses to “Dr. Brad Krohn’s Deck Chronology (1979-2007)”

  • Nice shots of the Doc.

  • Thanks MC…seems like I should’ve had more decks on this list but along the way I ex-patrioted to the West Indies and then spent 4 years in a Mississippi lab toiling over the polymerase chain reaction and fish DNA…Let’s see your list!

  • That’s a lot of skateboards. At $40 a deck that equals $1440.00. I guess that’s not bad over the years.

    Hey – where are the enlargements? Those colors pop!

  • Especially considering that hockey costs me $1200 per YEAR just in ice time/league fees and golf is $50-100 per DAY (or country club membership fees).

  • Let’s hear it for Dr. Brad’s MOM, who supported his skating all those years!!! Yay, Mom!

  • A nice addition would be an approximated year of ownership. I believe Dr, Brad could really sink his teeth in to recalling the years,perhaps a little story would insue. When are the Krhons going to visit again, possibly Carol we miss her to.

  • I think he had a little affair with Mr, Mike Frasier in COLO.

  • i started my list, you’ve inspired me to try remembering all the decks i’ve ridden, not easy though.

  • Hard to remember all 35 years worth.
    1. Fifteen toes (metal wheels)
    2. surfshop generic oak
    3. generic Bahne knockoff fiberglass (chicago trucks)
    4. woodshop kicktail
    5. Infinity surfshop performer
    6. Weber Woody
    7. Z-Flex Jay Adams
    8. X-Caliber generic warptail
    9. X-Caliber XDEX (several)
    10. X-Caliber Fats
    11. Kryptonics Foam/PTex (2)
    12. Z-Woody
    13. X-Caliber graphite
    14. Powell Peralta Ray Bones snub-nose (several)
    15. Kanoa K-Pig
    16. Kanoa Tri-Beam
    17. Schmitt Stix Monty Nolder foam/kevlar
    18. Santa Cruz Mini Duane Peters
    19. Alva Mini Dolphin
    20. Hosoi Mini Hammerhead
    21. Madrid Mike Smith
    22. Powell Peralta Tony Hawk
    23. Rebel Skates Smay I’m a Crime
    24. Pool Hustler
    25. Rebel Skates Mr. Pointy
    26. Rebel Skates Liberate
    27. Custom fish by Poolside Skateboards (2)
    28. Rebel Skates Rebelution (several)
    29. Cold War Rotten Ronnie (3)
    30. Rebel Skates Ransom (miniramps)
    31. Rebel Skates Rebel One (at least 10)
    (not counting G&S Fibreflex kicktail, suspenders, various longboards and a couple of eight-wheelers not used regularly)

  • Time for another stroll down memory lane:
    1) Black Knight (from Sears, clay wheels)
    2) Grentec GT (plastic, but with urethane!)
    3) Hobie Freestyle (fiberglass, no kick, but you don’t need kick if you’re just going down hills imitating skiing)
    4) G&S Stacy Peralta Warptail
    5) G&S Warptail 2
    6) G&S Teamrider
    7) Town & Country Darren Ho (pig time)
    8) Variflex El Gato (prob. my favorite of all)
    9) Sims Hosoi
    10) Sims Jeff Phillips (things are slowing down as “real life” intrudes)
    11) Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall-Lounger (ever-slick)
    12) Generic skate shop popsicle 7.75″ (hated it, hardly rode it)
    13) Anti-Hero Big Eagle 8.3″ (better)
    14) Alva Los Muertes (current)
    15) Novmbr Team Shape (got it yesterday, just set it up)
    I must have started just after MC, so obviously some breaks from skating here and there, as you guys have me beat by more than double. Doing my best to catch up now, though.

  • Dr Brad,

    What if we found a giraffe on the side of the road drunk off of tequila…what do we do?

  • These are not necessarily in chronological order, hard to remember them all, I’m sure there is something missing in there. My list begins in 1985-86

    1. nash blades
    2. variflex twisted
    3. powell caballero dragon &bats
    4. sma natas panther
    5. powell vallely elephant
    6. powell vallely barnyard
    7. alive? andre Walton
    8. sma? Ron chatman experience
    9. powell frankie hill bulldog
    10. h-street Colby carter
    11. h-street ron allen (delaminated, h-street replaced)
    12. plan b danny way shotgun photo slick graphic
    13. lance mountain doughboy
    14. ray barbee tarot cards
    15. uncut blank Colby carter shape
    16. uncut blank shape?
    17. blind Jason lee
    18. small room -model?

    Popsicle era
    19. santa cruz team board scs
    20. girl -model?
    21. toy machine muska
    22. toy machine senn?
    23. element natas kaupus
    24. element team
    25. black label hassan mask
    26. black label adams leopard
    27. black label Hensley
    28. black label hassan alive series 1
    29. PIT skatepark shop board x2
    30. blank popsicles x10-20
    31. black label team pink graphic
    32. cold war naked raygun
    33. cold war bush bomber bomb shape
    34. cold war rotten Ronnie bomb shape
    35. cold war gas mask repo custom shape
    36. beer city branded blank 8.75
    37. cold war groovy ghoulies
    38. cold war epoxies
    39. cold war sleestak
    40. cold war détente
    41. cold war détente 2 square tail
    42. cold war fallout
    43. cold war fallout again
    44. powel cab dragon reissue
    45. powell cab dragon &bats reissue
    46. krooked hosoi hammerhead guest model
    47. uncut blank hammerhead shape
    On Deck: Cold War Westicle

  • Egbert: Regarding acute alcohol toxicosis in large hoof-stock, was it overweight?

  • Funny thing is last night (Sunday after Sleestok) i got sucked into “Lost World” (Jurassic Park 2) and i saw a Terradactyl at the end… (Dr.B’s favorite animal)

    Why didn’t these birds just fly to the mainland? Can you explain?

  • Pterodactyl – sorry
    holy mispelling

  • Funny- I started watching that movie last night too but stopped after a few minutes and proclaiming to my wife how awful it was…

    Stay Gay,
    Dr. Krohn

  • I remember the teenage Brad skateboarding in front of the Ten Shitty Guys house in Urbana back in the 80’s. He would skate all day and then put on his best Replacements garb (he worshipped that band I think) and raise hell all night at Eddie’s, Trito’s, etc. I think he also had the world’s best fake I.D. at this time – His older sister was dating one of the Bowery Boys and he always seemed to sneek in to see bands when he was way too young to be there…Good to see him still skating and a doctor now because I had actually heard once that he was dead!?

  • Dead? Just dead to his friends! Son? I have no sun! Har har. Speaking of Ten Shitty Guys… (Ihtink it’s down right now. I can’t check because it’s blocked at work, not for content, just because of the name.

  • The doc is a legend a legend in his own time. Kids follow him around skate parks like he is Mother Goose. It has been said that not only can he comminicate with mammals, but reptiles too. His older sister is a goddess and people worship her as such.

  • i fought him in Steamboat, he was wearing a shark skin suit with a red paper heart pinned on the sleeve and he thought he was hot shit, i thought he was a pussy but he didn’t back down…who cares now

  • A bright green no-brand plastic banana board
    A messed up, small wooden board that some kid brought from Poland (ok, I didnt really use it)
    Variflex.. something
    Skull Skates Todd Swank
    Santa Cruz John Grigley III
    Schmitt Stix Chain Saw
    Powell Peralta Vallely
    Powell Peralta Tony Hawk
    Alva Bill Danforth
    World Industries Vallely (“Vert”? Had a pointy nose and elephant graphics..)
    World Industries Vallely Farm
    ..cant remember the rest of them :

  • Sorry I’m so late in posting but this is in response to Brad’s sister, Carole’s post in #19 above — Carole, you are too funny! People calling you a goddess? That’s a good one. I almost wet myself from laughing so hard when I read that. I guess it’s true though, that is, if “goddess” is really a euphemism for coke whore! You’re hilarious, Carole!

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