Queens of Crown Royale

Ladies @ Tigard - 2008 Trifecta

The 90 degree plus weather only added to the ladies heated session during the Tigard stop of the 2008 Trifecta. Some of the highlights included an ollie-to-flat by Justyce in the bowl, an invert by Erin and some big bowl transfers by Nora. Check out some more action in the gallery.

Ladies @ Tigard – 2008 Trifecta

See the results after the turn….

Results: Ladies @ Tigard – 2008 Trifecta

  1. Julie Kindstrand – Santa Ana CA USA Pocket Pistols Skateboards, Attic Skateshop, Adio Shoes, 187 Pads, S-One helmets, Madrid Fly Paper, Volcom, Bones Wheel $400
  2. Nora Vasconcellos – Pembroke MA USA Guy Skinny, Levitate Surf and Skate, Monkdeth Skateboards, Bern, Spy, Freestyle Watches $240
  3. Erin Wolfkiel – Liberty Township OH USA GRO $160
  4. Radcore Talbot – Aloha OR USA Plan Z Skateshop $120
  5. Megan Brown – San Bernardino CA USA Gridlock $80
  6. Lexi Barclay – Folsom CA USA Air Spud Shoes, Cool Girl Skateboards, Board-N-Motion Shop
  7. Amee Jay Papelera – Lakewood CA USA Fanatic Skateboards
  8. Alison “Nugget” Matasi – Ottawa ONT CAN Pop War, Anti Social, Es flow, Momentum, Alva, Rock Star Bearing
  9. Justyce Tabor – Seaside OR USA Gro, Cleanlinc Surfshop, Skater Socks, Santa Cruz
  10. Heidi Bay – Portland OR USA Myself
  11. Chloe Jackson – Burnside/Portland OR USA
  12. Haley Kindstrand – Santa Ana CA USA

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