Poetic Devo

Devo helmet at Glenhaven

Genius appears when you least expect it. This helmet laying on the dirt at Glenhaven is one example. Think about it. Click on the image for a larger view.

5 Responses to “Poetic Devo”

  • Has anyone heard of the Human Extinction Project? Its an attempt to bow out gracefully without impacting the environment any further. A species suicide if you will and a very interesting proposition.

  • Thanks Brad. I have thought and talked a lot about this, but hadn’t seen it articulated in one spot. The linked site isn’t real flashy, but the content is, as you say, very interesting:


  • Mac you should get a Volkswagon Vanagon or a Honda Elite scooter and come hob-nob with our philosophy club, it meets in Grover’s driveway on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  • My parents have a Eurovan. Does that count?

  • If you let Grover adjust the timing, or in any other way turn screws on your engine that he shouldn’t, then yes.

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