Sometimes Thursday Feels Like Tuesday

Shellshock Rock - Stiff Little Fingers

Yeah, it’s Thursday but with Stiff Little Fingers touring the U.K., we thought we would switch it up a bit. It’s a YouTube Tuesday on Thursday featuring Shellshock Rock: a Documentary on Northern Ireland punk directed by John T. Davis. So if you’re feeling less than informed on the subject, click on through for a six part punk rewind.

Shellshock Rock – Part 1

Shellshock Rock – Part 2

Shellshock Rock – Part 3

Shellshock Rock – Part 4

Shellshock Rock – Part 5

Shellshock Rock – Part 6

2 Responses to “Sometimes Thursday Feels Like Tuesday”

  • Am I the only nerd that looks at these posts? One of the coolest records I ever found was a 12″ by Jake Burns and the Big Wheel, it was from the mid-80’s after SLF broke up. There was a day when my college town record store had gems like that by the dozen tucked in with all the used records, cats walking across the stacks, etc.

  • Stiff Little fingers is still one of my favorite bands of all time.

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