Monthly Archive for June, 2013

Pool with a View

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 52 - Eric Burdick

Finding the line over the deathbox in the newly completed Sisters’ pool is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Eric Burdick. This pools is fun, fun, fun and the only seams you will find are the grout lines in the tile. The stained concrete and the tile covered vert make this pool a Central Oregon gem and Eric is taking full advantage. Check out few more pics of Eric finding his way about the pool after the turn.

Congratulations Eric!

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A Grind a Day …

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 51 - Pete Brown

Pressing truck metal to Treasure bowl coping is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Pete Brown. In addition to being a stalwart advocate for skating in Montana, Pete enjoys any opportunity to get his grind on. Check out a few more pics of Pete on the lip after the turn.

Congratulations Pete!

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Boards of, not from, Canada

Boards of Canada on Earth Patrol

A nice parlay with respect to skateboarding and music, is this week’s YouTube Tuesday featured artist, Boards of Canada. Sometimes you need a bit of space and time to expand your thoughts. BoC provides the perfect foundation for those pre/post skate meditation sessions. So when your done rocking your Canadian maple, roll out the BoC for some R-n-R. Check out the video tunes after the turn.

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Touch and Go!

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 50 - Nick Peterson

Serving up a slob plant off of the extension at the Unheard ramp is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Nick Peterson. So rad, and just one of a multitude of moves Nick had in store for the extension. Want to see more? Check out Nick’s extension antics after the turn.

Congratulations Nick!

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