Snow Skate Seattle

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 8

It’s a right of passage, of sorts, skateboarding on a snowy day. The Sorcery 118 crew did just that during last week’s Seattle snow episode. Be forewarned, those with sensitive ears might want to start the Sorcery’s Snowday clip at the 2min:20sec mark to avoid any f-bomb concussions. Check out this week’s Sorcery Saturday pics after the turn. EPM “snurfer at the ready” Out!

Sorcery Saturday: Volume 8a – Sorcery’s Snowday! (skating begins at about the 2:20 mark)

Sorcery Saturday: Volume 8b – Dapple

These videos brought to you by the Sorcery 118 crew. Be sure to check out their other skate video creations over on their punk rock skate vlog.

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