Fad Gadget and Silicon Teens

Fad Gadget and Silicon Teens on Earth Patrol

Well, in the interest of keeping this post’s rating at PG, here’s what you get for a visual pun with respect to Fad Gadget and Silicon Teens. Confused? No worries, all is revealed on this week’s YouTube Tuesday after the turn. EPM “shave it” Out!

Fad Gadget – Ricky’s Hand

Fad Gadget – Life on the Line

Fad Gadget – Luxury

Fad Gadget – Lady Shave

Silicon Teens – Just Like Eddie

Silicon Teens – You Really Got Me

Silicon Teens – Red River Rock

Silicon Teens – Sweet Little Sixteen

Silicon Teens – Let’s Dance

2 Responses to “Fad Gadget and Silicon Teens”

  • We used to call that new wave. The good early stuff. Numan, Kraftwerk, Fad Gadget, Visage, Ultravox. They were like their own genre.
    I always thought they were saying “Break His Hand” in that Fad Gadget song.

    • So did I until I looked up the lyrics for “break his hand” and realized there were no such lyrics 😛

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