Dirtnap Detour

Marked Men, Career Suicide, Mean Jeans, Spits, Something Fierce, White Wires on Earth Patrol

How about it folks? Give it up for Portland’s local punk rock record label Dirtnap Records. This week’s YouTube Tuesday features a small sample of Dirtnap’s rockin’ bands and includes: The Marked Men, Mean Jeans, Something Fierce, Career Suicide, The Spits, and White Wires. Check out all the fun after the turn. EPM “Steve don’t party no more” Out!

Mean Jeans – Steve Don’t Party No More

Mean Jeans – Born on a Saturday Night

Mean Jeans – Stoned 2 the Bone

The Marked Men – Dr. Dan

The Marked Men – A Little Time

The Marked Men – 4000 Times

Something Fierce – Aliens

Something Fierce – Modern Girl

Something Fierce – Repent

Career Suicide – SARS EP

Career Suicide – Cherry Beach

Career Suicide – There’s Something Wrong with You and more (Live)

The Spits – Terrorist Attack

The Spits – Tonight

The Spits – SK8

White Wires – Girly Girly Girly

White Wires – In My Bed

White Wires – Ha Ha Holiday

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