The Futureheads at Doug Fir

The Futureheads on Earth Patrol

Imagine the Jam and Gang of Four had a love child, that child would be the Futureheads. Guess what? They are playing this Thursday night, September 30th at the Doug Fir Lounge. It’s a mere $12 for a ticket at the door. Now that’s econo. So treat yourself and head out for a fun night of good music. You deserve it. Sample a bit of the Futureheads in action after the turn. EPM “give me Man Ray” Out!

Futureheads – Meantime

Futureheads – Area

Futureheads – First Day

Futureheads – Man Ray

Futureheads – Beginning of the Twist

8 Responses to “The Futureheads at Doug Fir”

  • Tight pants and emo rock ruined Skateboarding….

  • not the tobes, I have no time for music like this- I agree…

  • Someone showed up at Trifecta sporting tight jeans and an up-do? Hmmm, who could that have been Brad? 🙂 These guys are every bit as fun to see as the Jam and/ or Gang of Four. I’ll be there. Wouldn’t miss it.

  • Everyone is a “artist” with their dickbrooms..what ever happened to the good ol blue collar skateboarder?

  • Oh my problem with them isn’t their look. I love dressing up, I even quit skating for a while because it was messing up my hair. I’m just not into “genre excercises”, i.e. i’d much rather explore Jam b-sides than listen to a new copy band. Time and place are so important to an artistic statement. Discovering a band like Pylon is so much better than a new Gang of Four sounding band like this. That takes work though, and that’s why people don’t do it. No hard feelings- this is a good debate. Other bands I hate: all modern melodic pop-punk bands, I have a very special dislike reserved for things like The Briefs with all the retro-derivitive song titles, can’t stand modern Ramones-y bands, etc. I do like a lot of other new music though.

  • I know I’m a judgemental snob…

  • We all know that. So whats the big deal. I am dirty and piggy. Mark is poor. Rando’s penis is broken. Jack may be gay. We all know the obvious.

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