Punk Rock PLG

PLG Wins Portland Stop of the 2009 Dew Tour

Well, PLG took top honors at this year’s Portland stop of the 2009 Dew Tour and it’s our belief that the shirt had something to do with it. What’s this, PLG wearing a Dead Milkmen t-shirt or is he? Upon closer inspection, you realize that this is yet again another shoe company “borrowing” punk rock imagery for their own purposes. Sure hope Osiris flipped some dineros the Dead Milkmen’s way for the use of that logo. RIP Dave Blood and check out more pics of punk rock PLG after the turn.

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PLG - Melon 540 @ Portland Dew Tour

PLG going big under the watchful eyes of Bob, Andy and Don

PLG - Gay Twist @ Portland Dew Tour

PLG focused on the landing

PLG - Kickflip to Fakie @ Portland Dew Tour

PLG with one of his trademark board flip tricks

PLG - Indy Bone to Fakie @ Portland Dew Tour

A boned indy to fakie as noted by Rob and Bucky

PLG - Indy Bone to Fakie @ Portland Dew Tour

Another indy to fakie in the lights

PLG - Osiris Dead Milkmen T-Shirt @ Portland Dew Tour

PLG making his way to the podium in what we thought was a Dead Milkmen t-shirt

PLG - Podium @ Portland Dew Tour

PLG, Andy and Sandro striking a pose on the podium

6 Responses to “Punk Rock PLG”

  • no doubt he is good I just find his riding like Pete Sampras’s tennis good but no fun to watch. Sandro on the other hand all smiles even with 3rd awesome to watch as well.

  • meh, pro vert skating has been 540’d to the point of boringness, bring back more style tricks lick those Indy to fakies.

  • And my newfound respect for PLG being a “milkhead” is dashed by a shoe company’s habardashery! Assholes, I hope JoeJack and Rodney cashed in the cow.

  • Give me a 10 foot boneless across three sheets of skatelite and I’ll reinstate my cable to watch this stuff! For now I’ll go down to the shore to buy some Motley Crew t-shirts. Great shots Rich!

  • PLG rarely looks like he’s having fun, and usually doesn’t win because of it, imo. He pulled it off this time. (His last win, he was smilin’ all day long.)

    Shit stirring warning! /stir: If there’s no such thing as a fs Indy, as it is a bs only trick, how can there possibly be an indy to fakie? That implies that it’s the *grab* that makes it indy, in which case the much hated fs Indy does indeed exist… just sayin’… /end stir

  • Prickly Pete, hat watcher

    In the hat department it looks like Andy went with the “no tuck” option for his ears while our foreign guests opted for the “tuck”. Honestly, the tuck looks a little forced on these guys. Thanks for keepin’ it real, Andy. America: we must be doin’ something right to last 200 years.

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