Shredding the Art

Home is Where the Heart Is - Ashley Anson

Local skater and artists, Ashley Anson, brings her “images of absurd violence twisted with feminine ideals”(Juxtapoz 79) to Cal’s Pharmacy this Friday, August 7th. Doors open at 7pm for your viewing pleasure. Come on out and support one of our favorite artists. Check out all the details on the “Home is Where the Heart Is” flier after the turn along with an excerpt from her Juxtapoz article.

Home is Where the Heart Is - Ashley Anson

Home is Where the Heart Is Flier

Do you think that by looking at a piece of art you can determine whether it was made by a man or a woman? I posed this question to myself and some friends a while ago. From that I began these paintings. What is masculine? What is feminine? Are men inherently harsh and crude, are woman subtle and sweet, and are humans naturally drawn to violence and gore? I decided to paint masculine, or harsh images and pair them with the craft traditionally thought of as a feminine past time: embroidery. I paint on used bed sheets, and use years of viewing television shows such as Cops as my cue to create images of absurd violence that are twisted with feminine ideals. –Ashley Anson, Juxtapoz 79

Excerpt from Juxtapoz 79 article

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