Cool Vibe in Aumsville

Cool Vibe in Aumsville

The park slalom event for the State Games of Oregon was held last night at the Aumsville skatepark. It was a great event and thanks to all of the folks that made it happen. Stay tuned for complete coverage of the day and check out larger versions of the photos after the turn. EPM – Chillin’ Out

Retro Skater @ Aumsville
Skater in Pocket @ Aumsville

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  • Who won? Where’s the results?

  • hey rich

    this like the 3rd email but yea i think i spelled my address wrong so this time it is right

    peace dude

  • The results are posted here:

    And will also eventually appear on the State Games web page

  • cool event! the fee to enter….lame! come on ppl its a free public skate park,plus this event was in part sponsored by NIKE! im sure there is a few bucks in there so every1 can play. i for one have skated the park in aumsville a few times and those rowdy kids and metal heads out there could have destroyed anyone who thought there time was good and thats puting it real lightly. Im from the old skool=skaters stick together! i dont care if your good,bad,ugly,poor,a drugie,a drunk,if you skate then we got your back! keep the jock shit out of skating! thats it you guys have fun and please let some blood sometimes Huh!

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