Skate Walla Walla

Boiler Room - Walla Walla, WA

Onions, wine and a killer indoor ramp are just a few of the reasons to visit Walla Walla, Washington. Thomas, of Walla Walla Roastery fame and a Rebel Skates original, invited us to skate their indoor ramp located on the outskirts of Walla Walla during a recent trip to eastern Washington. This ramp is a lot of fun and the granite coping is perfect. More details about the ramp and our adventures are detailed in MC’s article on Skate and Annoy. Check out some pics from the session after the turn and thanks to the Walla Walla crew for all of their hospitality.

Update: Video footage of Boiler Ramp added after the pics. Thanks for the submission Thomas.
Thomas FS Grind @ Walla Walla

Thomas – FS Grind with Style

Doug FS Grind @ Walla Walla

Doug – Getting on top of a FS Grind

Mark - Andrecht @ Walla Walla

MC – Andrecht on the Big Wall

Shawn BS Air over Gap @ Walla Walla

Shawn – Big BS Air over the Gap

Grant FS Ollie Low to High @ Walla Walla

Grant – FS Ollie Low to High

Carmen BS Grind @ Walla Walla
Carmen -Checking the Coping with a BS Grind

Shawn FS Air @ Walla Walla

Shawn – FS Air

Thomas BS Air @ Walla Walla

Thomas – BS Air

Doug Rock to Fakie @ Walla Walla

Doug – Rock to Fakie

Grant BS Floater @ Walla Walla
Grant – BS Floater

Mark - FS Air @ Walla Walla

MC – FS Air

Thomas FS Air @ Walla Walla
Thomas – FS Air

Boiler Room Graf @ Walla Walla

Boiler Room Graf

Video – Submitted by Thomas

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