Exene Cervenka on Generation X

Exene Cervenka Interview on Randy Katen's Generation X

What time is it punk soldiers? Why, it’s time to add another great interview to the Generation X vault. This week’s interview features founding member, and vocalist of the legendary punk band X, Exene Cervenka. Let’s just say we are beyond stoked and honored to have Exene in the mix. EPM “sugarlight, I can’t believe” Out!

Exene Cervenka - X/The KnittersExene Cervenka - X/The Knitters

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  • …she’s the queen of cool, a real dimestore dream, my sister and all her friends patterned their whole early 80’s lives after her…I can’t imagine why any young skateboard people would be remotely interested in her…fine with me, we need to keep a few things to ourselves…

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