Sometimes Length Matters

Monday Cover 31 - Steev Howell

Skate softly and ride a big stick like this week’s Monday Cover featured skater Steev Howell. Here Steev does his sponsor, Sector Nine, proud while lofting a big frontside air between runs at the West Linn Park Slalom – note the cones in the bowl.

Congratulations Steev and keep killin’ it!

4 Responses to “Sometimes Length Matters”

  • I lika howell he is fun to ride with. He can also make his worm wiggle.

  • That guy kills it. Fun to watch.

  • Man you were right there for that shot. Both times I’ve seen that guy skate the photographers are running to get a pic of him. He doesnt even know he’s a superstar.

  • Gnarles Copinghagen

    Just busted out the ol’ Rebel Skates “Gun” that I’d stored away for safekeeping. (Since they’ve gone out of buisness again?) Yesterday was the first day I’d ridden a board bigger then 33″ in a long time! Funny that this photo popped up on the side of the page today. Been exited to get the 39″ out to West Linn. After seeing this photo I’m even more pumped!

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