Eight Wheels Out!

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 46 - Rockin' Ron Foster

Doing 8-wheeler pioneer Lonnie Toft proud, is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Rockin’ Ron with a bitchin’ frontside air. That’s one gnarly move on a deck with twice the amount of required trucks and wheels.

Congratulations Ron!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Rockin' Ron - 8_Wheeler FS Air @ Butte

Ron taking 8-wheels out in Butte.

Rockin' Ron - BS Double Trucker @ Treasure Bowl

Ron grinding the over-vert pocket at the Treasure bowl.

Rockin' Ron - Local Kids @ Helena

Ron discussing bearing technology with the local kids in Helena.

Rockin' Ron - 8-Wheeler Air @ Butte

Another view of 8-wheels out in Butte.

Rockin' Ron - Chilling @ Helena

Ron taking a break at the Helena park.

Rockin' Ron - 8-Wheels Out @ Bass Bowl

Full frame of cover shot.

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