Power and Style

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 45 - Chris Strople

So the next time you’re throwing down an alley oop anything, you might want to thank this week’s Monday Cover skater, the legendary Chris Strople. Seeing those early sequences of Chris hucking a backside alley oop at Del Mar were mind blowing not to mention those trademark striped socks. Check out more pics of Chris shredding the gnar after the turn.

Congratulations Chris!

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Chris Stople - Bert Grind @ Treasure Bowl

Trademark power and style as Chris attacks the lip.

Chris Strople - Bert Grind Clam @ Treasure Bowl

Chris grinding a concrete swell in the hills of Montana.

Chris and Jeff chilling at the Bass Bowl

Chris and Jeff chilling on the deck.

Chris Strople - Bert Grind and Wally on Video Cam @ Treasure Bowl

Skate compadres enjoying the moment. Chris and Wally at the Treasure bowl.

Chris Strople -FS Grind @ Bass Bowl

Full frame of cover shot.

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