The Fine Art of Being

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 26 - Duane Peters

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Duane Peters, needs no introduction. There are few people who have had as much of an impact on skateboarders and skateboarding as Duane. Always the innovator and branded “The Master of Disaster”, we can thank Duane for sweepers, lay-back rollouts, invert-reverts and our all-time favorite indy air. We’re hoping this year’s Oregon Trifecta Pier Park stop will entice Duane and the Upland crew to make the trip. Check out few pics of Mr. Peters skating Lincoln City and Pier Park during the 2007 Trifecta after the turn.

Congratulations Duane!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Duane Peters - Rock-n-Roll @ Pier Park

Rock-n-roll about as proper as it gets

Duane Peters - Fakie Ollie @ Lincoln City

Fakie ollie

Duane Peters - Indy Air @ Pier Park

Trademark Indy air – note this move is backside only no matter what the video game’s say

Duane Peters - BS Nose Grab Grind @ Lincoln City

Grinding Duane style

Duane Peters - Invert @ Lincoln City

Full frame of cover shot

5 Responses to “The Fine Art of Being”

  • Wow, have you been sitting on that photo since last year? That’s a good subject choice for the debut of the new cover design, extra shocking to load it up unaware. And, this design is better than the comps you shared.

  • Rad shots. I like how all the guys in the background of the Rock and Roll pic have their arms crossed. Their body language is says I am not open to your technique Duane.

    I like the new look.

  • I can see the callout now on the dudes with the arms crossed “#@*%!-rock’n’roll-#*!#”

  • WTF with the back foot sombody buy that guy some grip tape. so his foot wont fall off…

  • …wheres the shot of Duane vs. Pinchy?! give us some outttakes!

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