Down with Art

BK Art Show - Renegades and Role Models

Opening night at Bryce’s art show, Renegades and Role Models, was buzzing with activity. Great photography and good folks makes for good times. If you haven’t checked the show out, well, you better put it on your priority list for this weekend since the show only runs to Monday, February 23rd. Check out a few snaps from opening night after the turn.

Bryce and Donna - Renegades and Role Models

Bryce and Donna enjoying the evening

Duane Peters - Renegades and Role Models

DP was there in photocopy spirit

Rocco - Renegades and Role Models

Rocco in the mix

Kilwag - Renegades and Role Models

Kilwag in the middle of a heated art session

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  • Good on you BK. I remember the days of Bryce doing slide shows at the Fogtown shop or the like. Hauling around boxes of slide carousels, a projector, some punk rock tunes, and a bed sheet for a screen.

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