Two Classics

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 13 - Mark Conahan

This week’s Monday Cover featured skater is the ageless wonder, Mark Conahan. Speaking of ageless, Mark celebrates his 47th birthday this Tuesday so be sure to wish him well. Check out this lofty frontside air at Newberg. What else can you say but “radical dude.”

Congratulations Mark and Happy Birthday!

6 Responses to “Two Classics”

  • Yay! He’s so good cause he doesn’t want to bail on those old bones.

    Aren’t you as little old to be riding that toy? I used to skateboard… when I was 30!!

  • Mark is annoying me to no end because he skates so much better than I do. But then again I’ve got 7 years to catch up to be at his level at his age. So inspiring might be a better word than annoying. OK I’m just annoyed with myself.

    Happy birthday Mark. See you on the concrete someplace….

  • there’s hope!!! Happy Birthday dude and keep shredding.

  • Happy Birthday Mark! Thanks for the inspiration. I hope to see you ripping for another 30+ years. (no pressure!) Oh, and good luck with the 47″ fs air!

  • It’s a good feeling knowing that I’m not always going to be the oldest guy at a session! Happy Birthday Mark.

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