Generation X

Earth Patrol Presents: Randy Katen's Generation X on KBGA FM, Missoula, Montana

Welcome to Randy Katen’s Generation X, the Interviews. Generation X is a biweekly radio show on KBGA FM Missoula, Montana that includes music, interviews and Randy’s punk rock musings. If you’ve missed or haven’t heard the shows, well, all is not lost. On the week’s that Randy is off-the-air, Earth Patrol will feature an interview from one of his past shows. Yep, it’s true and we are stoked! See all the interviews below. When he’s not skatin’, Katen is creatin’.

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Archived Interviews

Ian MacKaye - Minor Threat/Fugazi/Evens

Henry Rollins - Black Flag/Rollins BandHenry Rollins - Black Flag/Rollins Band

Greg Graffin - Bad ReligionGreg Graffin - Bad Religion

Erik Sandin - NOFXErik Sandin - NOFX

Bob Andrews - Generation XBob Andrews - Generation X

Dave Allen - Gang of Four/ShriekbackDave Allen - Gang of Four/Shriekback

Jack Grisham - T.S.O.L.Jack Grisham - T.S.O.L.

Deranged Diction - Early Jeff Ament punk bandDeranged Diction - Early Jeff Ament punk band

Siobhan Duvall - Bombshells/Bif Naked/Widows/DuvallstarSiobhan Duvall - Bombshells/Bif Naked/Duvallstar

Joey Shithead - D.O.A.Joey Shithead - D.O.A.

Greg Hetson - Red Cross/Circle Jerks/Bad ReligionGreg Hetson - Red Cross/Circle Jerks/Bad Religion

Keith Morris - Black Flag/Circle Jerks/OFF!Keith Morris - Black Flag/Circle Jerks/OFF!

Sonny Vincent - The TestorsSonny Vincent - The Testors

Exene Cervenka - X/The KnittersExene Cervenka - X/The Knitters

Billy Zoom - XBilly Zoom - X

Cheetah Chrome - Dead BoysCheetah Chrome - Dead Boys

Mike Watt - Minutement/fIREHOSEMike Watt - Minutemen/fIREHOSE

Ron Emory - TSOLRon Emory - TSOL

Sammytown - FangSammytown - Fang

Duane Peters - US Bombs/Die' HunnsDuane Peters - US Bombs/Die' Hunns

Ray Stevens - Faction/Los Olvidados/Clay WheelsRay Stevens - Faction/Los Olvidados/Clay Wheels

Brian Brannon - JFABrian Brannon - JFA

Mofo - Restless Spirit/Drunk InjunsMofo - Restless Spirit/Drunk Injuns

Tony Guerrero - Free BeerTony Guerrero - Free Beer

Tommy Guerrero - Free BeerTommy Guerrero - Free Beer

Dave Chavez - Sick Pleasure/Code of Honor/Verbal AbuseDave Chavez - Sick Pleasure/Code of Honor/Verbal Abuse

Sally Mutant - The MutantsSally Mutant - The Mutants

Allen Losi - One Less ZeroAllen Losi - One Less Zero

Eric VonArab - Love CanalEric VonArab - Love Canal

James Williamson - Iggy and the StoogesJames Williamson - Iggy and the Stooges