Jack About the Bowl

Jack Grover @ MC's Bowl

Surprisingly the weather here in the Northwest has been tolerable with respect to precipitation. Having access to a spot like MC’s hide-away doesn’t hurt either. Youngest member of the in-search-of-dry-crete crew, Jack Grover, takes full advantage of these opportunities to shred. It’s all about having fun. Check out a few more shots of Jack doing his thing after the turn.

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Jack Grover - BS Grind @ MC's Bowl

Backside grind on the deck quarter

Jack Grover - BS Kickturn @ MC's Bowl

Kickturn in the deep.

Jack Grover - BS Grind 2 @ MC's Bowl

Grind and go

Jack Grover - Avoid Dad Drop-in @ MC's Bowl

Drop-in distraction training

Jack Grover - BS Grind Quarter @ MC's Bowl

Another lap, another grind

Jack Grover - On Deck @ MC's Bowl

On deck sporting his “session” face paint

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