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Ready Player One

Tired of the social media barrage? Tired of the onslaught of information bubbles filled with “alternative facts”? Well, here’s a bit of an alternative site. Welcome to the EPM OASIS, a refuge for skateboarding, music, art and science. Checkout a slice of the EPM OASIS after the turn. EPM “Ernest Cline” Out!

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Wizard of the Wood

Monday Cover Vol. 7 Issue 8 - Steve Grover

Floating an ollie on his Sorcery stick is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Grover. That’s one refined frontside ollie. On the mend from a broken left arm, it’s good to see Steve back in the mix. Check out a few more pics of Steve rehabbing on the vert after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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The Sorcery Spring

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol

It seems the Sorcery 118 crew has been busy doing what they do best, skating and having a good time. Check out some of their Sorcery-ness after the turn. EPM “skate wands drawn” Out!

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Hugs and Kisses to Colorado

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol

Recently, the Sorcery Crew went on a little search and destroy machine in the fine state of Colorado. What did they find? Well, we’ll let them do the “kiss” and telling on this week’s Sorcery Saturday after the turn. EPM “Team Pain holding it down” Out!

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Hold the Mayo

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol

Times are tough and even tougher is getting a seat on the Sorcery bus. No worries though if you are an expert at condiment eating challenges. What the heck are we talking about? All is revealed on this week’s installment of Sorcery Saturday after the turn.

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It’s an Orange Alert

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol

You bet it is whenever the Sorcery crew brings their skate wizardry to a skatepark like South Park. That place looks super fun. Check it out on this week’s Sorcery Saturday and don’t forget about those sweet new Sorcery Shape #95 decks available through Grojak Industries. EPM “a Briefs reunion is long overdue” Out!

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They’re Alive!

Grojak Sorcery 118 Boards are Alive!

What’s better than a double feature? Why, a triple feature, of course. Count ’em, two new Sorcery 118 clips plus, the release of the Grojak Sorcery 118 Shape #95 deck. That’s three. Check out all the bone chilling action on this week’s Sorcery Saturday after the turn.

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Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 18

Roll out the red carpet! You are cordially invited to the pre-screening of Grojak Industries soon-to-be-released Sorcery 118 deck on this week’s Sorcery Saturday. Check out some images of the prototypes along with two new Sorcery 118 gems after the turn. EPM “stay tuned…” Out!

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In and Out

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 17

The weather is still a bit hit-or-miss here in the Northwest as reflected by this week’s installment of Sorcery Saturday. The Sorcery 118 crew rolls with the weather “punches, so to speak, shredding the gnar whenever and wherever mother nature allows. Check out a couple of their latest videos after the turn. EPM “groundhog better be right” Out!

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California Uber Ollies

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 16

Woo hoo, it’s Saturday and you know what that means. It’s time for another installment of Sorcery Saturday with your favorite skate sorcerers, the Sorcery 118 crew. This week, the lads finds themselves deep in the O.C. and the always fuego, San Diego. Check it out after the turn. EPM “barfing jello in Biafra” Out!

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