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Ready Player One

Tired of the social media barrage? Tired of the onslaught of information bubbles filled with “alternative facts”? Well, here’s a bit of an alternative site. Welcome to the EPM OASIS, a refuge for skateboarding, music, art and science. Checkout a slice of the EPM OASIS after the turn. EPM “Ernest Cline” Out!

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Pier Review

Concrete Serenity - Pier Park

It’s that time of the year where a little visual motivation helps minimize the impacts of winter. Check out a few pics, including a couple 3D images, of the concrete serenity that is Pier Park after the turn. EPM “cross eyed for daze” Out!

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3D Photo App for iPhone

3D App for iPhone on Earth Patrol

If you are interested in 3D photography and you happen to own an iPhone, boy, are you in luck. The folks over at Juicy Bits Software have developed an app called 3D Camera that makes producing 3D photos a breeze. The interface is intuitive and supports the creation of stereo pairs (parallel and cross-eyed), anaglyphs (color and black/white) as well as wigglegrams, an animated simulated 3D effect. If you are even mildly interested in 3D, this app is for you. Check out some skateboard wheel fetish shots after the turn that include wigglegrams, cross-eyed stereo pairs, and anaglyphs. EPM “getting all google-eyed” Out!

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Seattle Skatepark in 3D

Lower Woodland Skatepark in 3D on Earth Patrol

Skateboarder density at the Lower Woodland Skatepark in Seattle was extremely low at 9 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. So what’s the point? Well, it means that you get 3D cross-eyed paired photos of the terrain instead of local skaters shredding their local spot. Check out all the concrete still-life after the turn.

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Crown Jewels

Portland Skate Park Crown Jewel - Pier Park

Forget the busiest shopping day of the year, it seemed folks decided to head to the skate parks instead. The parks were packed with all sorts of round wheel enthusiasts the day after Thanksgiving. How do we know? Well we went to all five of the, soon-to-be nineteen, Portland skate parks.

With MC at the wheel, and yours truly in the navigator seat, we managed to skate Glenhaven, Ed Benedict, Gabriel Park, Holly Farm and Pier Park. Total elapsed time, approximately four hours plus an hour-or-so for post session brews. Check out a larger version of the image above along with some 3D cross-eyed stereo pairs of Pier Park, our last and favorite stop on the mini-tour.

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Lost in the Backyard Bowl @ MC's: Foto-Friday for November 13, 2009

You grow up and you calm down. Nope, don’t think so. Defying the damp and dark nights, we explore MC’s backyard skate beacon on this week’s edition of Foto-Friday. Check out the gallery below and a few bonus 3D shots after the turn. EPM “Ha, Gittalong, Gittalong” Out!

Gallery: Dry and Shred @ MC’s Bowl

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Break on Through

MC’s Bowl Pour in 3D - June 6, 2009

Often while we were digging the hole that is now MC’s bowl, Mark would pose the question: “What song am I thinking of now?” On quite a few occasions the answer to that question was Break on Through by the Doors. It’s a place where we dug our treasures and now chase our pleasures. Now break on through to the other side of this post and check out some 3D cross-eyed pairs of MC’s bowl pour.

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Pre-Rebar @ MC Bowl

Well, MC’s piece of grind is coming along nicely. As you read this, rebar is crawling down the walls of the bowl in preparation for some concrete in the not so distant future. Check out a few 3D cross-eyed pairs prior to rock and rebar after the turn.

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MC’s Bowl in 3D

MC’s Backyard Bowl in 3D

We have reached the bottom grade in both the shallow and the deep in MC’s backyard bowl. Now it’s just a matter of removing the excess dirt to get the rest of the bowl in shape. Grab a shovel and come on over. Click on the image for a larger view of the 3D cross-eyed pair.

Disfecta – Pier Out, Tigard In

Disfecta - Pier Out, Tigard In

It seems Pier Park is being left out of the mix for this year’s Trifecta stops. Based on folks positive feedback from last year’s event, it seemed like Pier would be on-lock as a repeat venue. Not to be. This year’s second stop is the ever popular jurassic Tigard Skatepark. Wonder if we will see B.K.’s idea of a kiddie pool full of water on that volcano to spice things up a bit?

Sure will miss Serge floating those massive airs above the lip at Pier Park. Check out a few 3D pics of the pipe and mouse hole after the turn.

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