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Forks and Port Angeles

Earth Patrol Summer Solstice 2011 - Olympic Peninsula

Well, it’s time, once again, for the annual summer solstice skate adventure. This year we’re heading deep into bigfoot country on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Major skate targets include Forks and Port Angels. You can keep tabs on our adventure through our instagram photo stream and/or our facebook page. EPM “packing up and heading” Out!

Monday Cover Rebate

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 31 - Mark and Kathleen Conahan

Ever feel like your a day late and a Monday Cover short? Yeah, well that’s how we’re feeling due to non-skate related time consuming activities. So here’s a Monday Cover rebate of sorts. It features last week’s alternate cover shot of MC and Kathleen practicing some of their favorite backyard activities. Check out more twilight fire skate action in last week’s photo gallery. EPM “Kerosene around nothing to do” Out!

Congratulations Mark and Kathleen!

P.S.: Stay tuned for fresh photos from this coming weekend’s summer solstice skate trip into Washington state, Forks, Port Angeles and more….

Sea of Concrete

Lake Cunningham Skatepark - San Jose, CA

Here it is, the final installment from our Northern California summer solstice skate trip. If you’re looking to skate a massive skatepark, Lake Cunningham in San Jose is it. Big bowls, a pipe, cradle, thimble, obelisque, amoeba pool, the list goes on. Check out Team Shawn getting their shred on with a few locals in the gallery.

Lake Cunningham Skatepark – San Jose, CA

Ocean View Included

Pacifica Skatepark - Pacifica, California

We took a little summer solstice skate adventure down to Northern California last week. One of the stops included the Pacifica Skatepark in Pacifica, California. Talk about your skatepark with an ocean view. This is it. Check out some pics of Shawn enjoying the ocean air after the turn.

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It’s a Wrap

Summer Solstice Tour Wrap-up

Here it is folks, your own little internet skate adventure tied up in a bow. Click away and check out some of the spots we skated on our summer solstice tour in southern Oregon and along the Oregon Coast.