Same Song – Different Band

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Hey, hey, it’s time for another installment of Same Song – Different Band. Up for your review are original songs courtesy of Kiss, Cheap Trick, John Lennon, Donna Summer, The Pixies and Devo. So can you guess the songs and who is doing the covers? Yes? No? Well, click on through to the other side for a bit of sonic satisfication. EPM “diamonds, whores, whips and jealous waves of love” Out!

Original: Kiss – Black Diamond

Cover: The Replacements – Black Diamond

Original: Cheap Trick – He’s a Whore

Cover: Big Black – He’s a Whore

Original: John Lennon – Jealous Guy

Cover: Elliott Smith – Jealous Guy

Original: Donna Summer – I Feel Love

Cover: Curve – I Feel Love

Original: The Pixies – Wave of Mutilation

Cover: Jason Lytle – Wave of Mutilation

Original: Devo – Whip It

Cover: Pearl Jam – Whip It

BONUS COVER: Bedroom Guy – Whip It

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