Interpool Fugitives

Wiki Pool Leaks on Earth Patrol

Multiple calls from the Skate Department as well as requests from Senator Joe Lien-to-Bertlemann, won’t keep these top skate secrets off the interweb. What are we talking about? Why, Wiki Pool Leaks, of course. With Interpool hot on their trail, these keepers of the skate truth will not be denied. Act quickly though, our hosting service might buckle under pressure from some amorphous skate-controlled organization. EPM “in the cloud” Out!

Gallery: Wiki Pool Leaks @ Sand Bowl

3 Responses to “Interpool Fugitives”

  • uhhhh…… posting nice sunny pools shots in the beginning of long wet and cold northwest winter….. not fair. I guess I can crank the heater to 100 then loop sounds of powerslides and grinds and close my eyes…

  • Pic #7 of MC looks like a seriously vert version of the china town banks complete with eliptical tranny. How deep is that bad boy???

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