Another One on 101

Coos Bay Skatepark - Coos Bay, Oregon

Not sure of the status on the newly built skatepark in Coos Bay but Tristen was kind enough to share some photos over on the Earth Patrol Network. Can’t wait to head down there and check out Shooey and crew’s latest creation. EPM out!

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  • ARRG is that damn thing open for business?! It is a beautiful day here in douglas county today. It would be pretty great to drive to the coast and hit that up.

  • It’s not open yet sorry. The crew will be done pouring the crete by the end of the week. Then it’s up to the city on when they will open up the gates. I heard a rumor of May 22nd. It seems like a long time to me. How long dose it take to plant some grass and put up the fences/signs. I will post a blog or something when I know for sure.

  • I just read a article somewhere that the city gave the ok to finish it up now. It would be a crime to not let those guys finish what they started. They built what you see there for 80k and the city felt ripped off. That is the best 80k I have ever seen spent on a park and if you ask me the builders definately got the short end of the stick on that deal. I hope those guys get hired to build more stuff because that park rules.
    I feel very fortunate to have gotten to ride there on a trip earlier this year and I can’t wait to go there again soon when it is finished.

  • Thanks Thor. I was the one that broke his wrist on your visit. I wish I could of skated with you guys. Next time I guess. I get my cast off soon.

  • That place is too gnarly. Who’s that park for?

  • i think its pretty sick, but they need to open it.

  • now i was told that coos bay parks not opening until june? true?

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