Battery to Damage Inc.

Metallica - Master of Puppets

The year was 1986 and this week’s YouTube Tuesday artist, Metallica, struck a chord with the skate community. Master of Puppets, their follow-up album to “Kill ‘Em All” and “Ride the Lightning” became an instant mainstay in any respectable skaters collection of music to shred to. Grab your Zorlac deck and check out all the cuts from the album after the turn. Master, master, master,……

1. Battery

2. Master Of Puppets

3. The Thing That Should Not Be

4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

5. Disposable Heroes

6. Leper Messiah

7. Orion (Instrumental)

8. Damage, Inc.

7 Responses to “Battery to Damage Inc.”

  • Orion is one of my favorite metallica songs of all time. Stoner metal at it’s finest.

    -however, that youtube clip of fucktallica playing the song comes off as a bad cover. Kind of like how it sounds when they play all of their old stuff now.
    It’s nothing compared to the studio version:

  • Nothing radder than a band that sues their fans! These guys are greedy wankers.

  • Remember that oj2 add on the inside cover of thrasher, the graffiti on the bank in the back ground said “Posers listen to metallica because…”
    I didn’t like Metallica until I got a car with a stereo… somehow the music made my crap Subaru wagon seem like it had more horsepower AND it drowned out the sound of the clicking CV joints….

    I thought this post was going the direction of pushing the new Metallica album “Death Magnetic” which is scheduled to drop on September 12th. It’s just pathetic to see a bunch of old guys doing teenage activities ;). hahahaha…

  • …didn’t strike a chord with me at all back then…I actually made a kid cry in the backseat of a Monte Carlo when I effectively argued how relatively bad it was- mostly all hinging on the fact of “look who their fans are..” (i.e. the same people we had to fight everyday because they totally hated anything truely challenging). I ‘ll stick with Batallion of Saints (friggin’ great band) and Discharge. As Neil said, “let the hate mail begin…”

  • Lars is a tool for blasting napster. I guess its not cool to give away free stuff after you made millions buts its cool to give away free stuff in order to make millions. Complete posers. I hope Cliff kicks their ass when they die.

  • Metallica and the biblical character of Samson have a lot in common. There is a direct correlation between the length of their hair and their power.

    Metallica killed it until they cut their hair. When they cut their hair their music sucked remarkably bad. It just fell off the cliff. We’ll see whether this new record – an unabashed attempt to return to former greatness – gets the job done.

    If hair is any indication it’s a mixed bag. Hammett and the new guy have hair. But Lars and Hetfield still look like they hit up the wine bars in the Pearl for duck pate. Given that those two run the band, odds are against a return to form. If they returned to mullets I’d be waiting in line for this new record.

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