Peer Pressure

Chris Miller and Andy Macdonal @ Pier Park

The mouse hole was getting worked during a recent session at Pier Park. Chris Miller, Andy Macdonald, Owen Nieder, Zach Miller and Rion Linderman dropped in for session with the locals. Not since the 2007 Trifecta has the mouse hole been worked so heavily. Chris rolled over the hole frontside at will and Andy took it both ways. Chris’ son, Zach, landed a few kick-flips over the hole and everyone was stoked to skate. Check out a gallery and some video of the session after the turn.

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Chris Miller - FS Carve Mouse Hole @ Pier Park

Chris Miller giving a clinic on pipe riding

Andy - FS Ollie Mouse Hole @ Pier Park

Andy warming-up with an ollie

Zach - BS Kick-Flip Mouse Hole @ Pier Park

Zach kick-flips the mouse hole

12 Responses to “Peer Pressure”

  • Holy crap! I was there and still had no idea how high Miller was going in the pipe. I mean, he’s not just going “over the door”, he’s 2+ feet over it. Great shots Rich. The one of him early releasing the frontside air (taken long distance from the “shallow”) is sick, and it looks from the pics that he and Andy Mac did manage the elusive, if unintentional, “top of door wheeler”. Wow.

  • Great photos! It’s always a pleasure to skate with and watch Chris Miller. Still blowing minds after all these years.

  • Great looking park, great skating, great pictures. And those guys are fun to hang with too. Very laid back with no ego getting in the way. Thanks for sharing that session!

  • Whooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeee!

    I like the shot of Grover with his hand up. He looks like my one year old does when he sees a toy he wants to play with, but can’t reach it.

  • Jesus, Rich! I’m gonna say the exact same thing Mac said but I have to say it. That Miller door photo is incredible. I made the comment on SnA that he’s disturbingly casual in Grover’s video. But that still is something else entirely. He is easily where nobody has ever gone. It’s like, are you fucking with us via Photoshop?

  • rich, send me the high res on the miller shot. That posters going on my wall! nice. best photo this year

  • I agree with Tobin. Turn that photo into something. Tell Conahan to do a Skate Pier shirt or whatever. I want to put that photo up in the mayor’s office.

  • WOW! Reminds me of the glory days Upland shots of Chris. Thanks for sharing the great work Rich.

  • Posters. T-shirts. Yes. Can I get the Miller early release shot printed on a thong?

  • C L A S S

    Thanks to Chris Miller / Rich Photo

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