Over Vert Assault

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 37 - Mark Conahan

Not only does Mark defy the affects of aging, he seems to have a leg-up on gravity. In his 7th appearance on a Monday Cover, here’s Mark flappin’ an andrecht in the Lincoln City snakerun. Check out some more pics of Mark’s over vert antics after the turn.

Congratulations Mark!

Click on an image for a larger view.

MC - FS Air Mouse Hole @ Pier Park

Floating the mouse hole at Pier Park

MC - FS in Pipe @ Pier Park

Getting tubed

MC - FS Invert @ Pier Park

Frontside invert (soft foreground focus)

MC - FS Air Mouse Hole @ Pier Park

Over the mouse hole again

MC - Andrecht @ Lincoln City

Full-frame cover shot

Interested in learning andrechts? Check out MC’s how-to-do an andrecht tips.

5 Responses to “Over Vert Assault”

  • “Getting tubed” is my favorite from this series.

  • To the previous comments, I’m not sure what makes it a favorite. Knowing Randy, it probably has to do with the quality of the photo. Not being a photog myself, I live in blissful ignorance on that front. I look foremost at the quality of the trick being performed. So for me, that frontside invert photo is the best of the bunch. Not only is that one of the best because of his stellar form on that one, it’s the trick that distinguishes Mark from most of the other good non-pro skaters out there. Lots of thrusters, frontside airs out there, some andrects, but not many frontals. I’ve seen Mark do 100 frontside inverts but I never tire of it. For me, it’s right there with back smiths, a decked frontside rock, OG methods, and a handful of others: timeless style.

    Also, while I claim blissful ignorance, props to Rich because it is an interesting and unusual vantage point and compilation.

  • sick, sick, sick. Mark is my hero.

  • To express my respect for MC, I’d like to say, that frontside invert at Pier is fucking gnarls barkley!!

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