Deep and Abrasive

Sand Bowl

Another day, another backyard adventure. This one was deep with very tiny transitions. Your best bet was to carve up the corners and get out on the flat wall while getting ready to suck it up on the descent. You didn’t want to eat it either since the surface was somewhere in the neighborhood of #20 grit sandpaper. Check out the pics of this now defunct pool after the turn.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Sand Bowl - Side View

Side View

Sand Bowl - Deep to Shallow

Deep to Shallow

Randy - Face Wall @ Sand Bowl

Randy in Deep. Check out SnA Shot of the Week.

Ben - Corner Carve @ Sand Bowl

Ben in the Corner

MC - Face Wall @ Sand Bowl

MC in the Vert Field

Randy - Corner Carve @ Sand Bowl

Randy in the Corner

Ben - Facewall @ Sand Bowl

Ben in the Deep

MC - Corner Carve @ Sand Bowl

Mark looking for the Light

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