Wolf’s Blood to Polar 3

Sleestock 2008 @ Lincoln City, Oregon

Last weekend, we took a little trip out to Lincoln City for Sleestock v3.0. Our trip to the coast was slightly delayed when Polar 3’s engine became hot as balls after a water hose failure. No worries though, Grover came to the rescue with his superior Vanagon repair skills; see GVK for some video footage.

When we arrived in Lincoln City, Sleestock was in full swing and folks seemed to be preoccupied with the recently added snakerun. Check out some of the action from Saturday and Sunday after the turn.



Click on an image for a larger view.

Grover - Madonna @ Lincoln City

Grover sticking a Madonna

Sarah - FS Air @ Lincoln City

Sarah taking it to the air

Selvin - Lien to Tail @ Lincoln City

Selvin getting the lien to tail on lock

Dorfus - FS 5-0 @ Lincoln City

Dorfus checking all the coping

Danny - Crail @ Lincoln City

Danny goes crail in the snake

Tom - FS Grind @ Lincoln City

Tom sampling a pocket in the snake

See all the photos from Sleestock 2008 in the gallery.

2 Responses to “Wolf’s Blood to Polar 3”

  • The last shot of Tom in the gallery (not the post) is funny – it looks like a larger shot of his head from a different picture has been pasted on. Some good shots there.

  • I can’t believe that Selvin kid is hitting such a high lien to tail there with no pads…

    Grosso’s deck looks too small for him in Gump’s shots.

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