Gnarliest Park on the Planet

Lincoln City Snake Run Banner

When Dreamland built phase one of the Lincoln City Skatepark, it was deemed the Gnarliest Park in America by Thrasher Magazine. Eight years and three more phases later, the park has graduated to the Gnarliest Park on the Planet. It’s hard to comprehend the gnar-factor of the snakerun until you experience it. Check out a few pics from yesterday’s session after the turn and stay tuned for more coverage over the next few weeks.

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Lincoln City Snake Run

Lincoln City Phase IV – Anaconda Run

MC - Andrecht @ Lincoln City

MC – Mid-Andrecht while rockin’ a LC4 benefit t-shirt (buy a t-shirt here)

Steev - FS One Footer over Hip @ Lincoln City

Steev – Over the hip with a one-footer

10 Responses to “Gnarliest Park on the Planet”

  • Somebody call a veterinarian. The snake is SICK!

  • What’s going on with those guys on the deck to the right? The look like they’re in line to buy movie tickets.

  • thanx rich.the shots killer.and the run is intense.MC is insane to pull that plant off.

  • tavita told me about your website. I like the swami covers. thanks for the l.c. support. jeff kimbrough

  • How’s the top of that thing? I mean, did they figure out a way to keep all the water from the top of the park from draining down into the snake? I guess it wouldn’t necessarily be bad if it did though.

  • its down hill as fuck. and there is drain in the deep of the snake so water shouldnt be problem. till its plugged. who cares. locals dont want you to come anyway…

    • the only reason locals dont like newbs is cause you guys just get in the way and dont know how to go with the flow of a skatepark!

  • Ha-ha, no they sure don’t. They want it all to themselves.

  • Only a few locals dont like outta towners, tourist are sick! Without you guys the city wouldnt have let us build the park on the scale it is now, most of the locals are young kids now anyways, they love new people to skate with us, it doesnt matter if you get in the way a little as long as your trying to be weary of everyone else and just have fun and bring positive vibes to the park!! If you’ve ever been to the park thank you for your support! Its there to be skated so come skate 🙂

  • This park is one of the best on the planet. When I came up on the snake run I literally felt legit fear. By the end of the day I was making the whole run but never hit the coping at the bottom. I think I was weighted down by the huge turd in my knickers. Thank you RED! You are a wizard! Thank you Lincoln city locals, you are some of the radest people on earth….much love and respect!

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