Why Punk Had to Happen

Trouser Press Covers

On this week’s YouTube Tuesday, we explore some of the music that was popular on the airwaves prior to punk. The above Trouser Press covers are included to help ease the carnage you will experience after the turn. Like Skateboarder magazine, Trouser Press was a coveted piece of literature for exploring the world from the confines of the Midwest. Now continue at your own auditory risk, seriously.

If you don’t see video images in the boxes, click on the song names to play them.

Afternoon Delight (look for 70’s street skating) – Starland Vocal Band

Billy Don’t Be a Hero – Paper Lace

Knock Three Times – Tony Orlando and Dawn

Muskrat Love – Captain and Tennille

Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty

Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks

Kung-Fu Fighting – Carl Douglas

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown – Jim Croce

Disco Duck – Rick Dees

4 Responses to “Why Punk Had to Happen”

  • Isn’t 1/2 of the Surf Punks the brother of the Captain? My sister and I used to make fun of Captain and Tennillle and my dad would get really mad and tell us to stop it because that guy is quasi-blind…”Band on the Run” by Wings seems to fit with this list, at least in my mind…Viva Trouser Press! That magazine would be as dog-earred as our Mads!

  • The Captain is quasi blind? I don’t know about that but he must be deaf to do a song like “Muskrat Love.” “Band on the Run” definitely could fit this list…also “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy.

  • What, no Mac Davis?

    Dang! Brad beat me to the Surf Punks connection.

    Foo Fighters have a good cover of Baker Street on some compilation. That’s a good song, either version. Those were yellow banana board days for sure.

    Afternoon Delight: After figuring out what that song is actually about (many years after hearing it as a kid) – it’s been totally ruined for me by seeing the dumpy broads who are singing for the first time.

    Billy don’t be a Hero.. Are those Union or Confederate soldiers?

    I once called into WLS AM Chicago to request Disco Duck. Our family had it on one of those K-Tell disco compilations. Fug.

    Man, these were definitely times before you had to be somewhat attractive and have all your dace steps down to have a hit pop song.


  • Ahhhh! I clicked on the duck link! There goes months of therapy!

    I swear “seasons in the sun” was played every third song on the local radio station my 8th grade year.

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