Monthly Archive for December, 2013

Skate Noir

Skate Noir with HooperFly and MC's Bowl

Early sunsets make for more abundant sessions under the lights. That is, if you have lights(on the wish list for Portland skateparks). Fortunately, MC is a luminary and made sure his “Fortress of Shreditude” was electrified. Check out a few pics from last night’s session courtesy of HooperFly. EPM “dark nights return” Out!

Update: Added some video footage along with an extended edit courtesy of MC

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Big Heads Caché

Arcade Fire to Devo on Earth Patrol - YouTube Tuesday

It’s unseasonably cold in Portland and what better reason to free associate a few music videos. It’s all about “Big Heads” on this week’s YouTube Tuesday installment. It’s also an opportunity to post some rad Devo footage. Check out all the big heads after the turn. EPM “yeah x 12” Out!

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Flip of the Lens

Monday Cover Vol. 7 Issue 10 - Bryce Kanights

If you skate in the Northwest, an indoor skate bunker is a hot commodity during the wetter months of the year. Taking full advantage of one of those skate bunkers is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Bryce Kanights. That’s one stylin’ smith on the DoS bowl lip. A man with a multitude of irons in the proverbial skateboarding fire(, Lifeblood Skateboards, Skaters for Portland Skateparks, Photographer, …), Bryce still finds time to refine his skate chops. Check out a few more pics of Bryce “lofting his jive” at DoS bowl after the turn.

Congratulations Bryce!

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