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Not Like the Others

Portland Skateparks on Earth Patrol - Courtesy of HooperFly

One of these parks is not like the others. One of these parks is just not the same. Can you guess which one it is? Answer after the turn (hint: look for a skatepark.)

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Team Rep-ing

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 47 - Brice Niebuhr

Going full frontal at Windells is this week’s Monday Cover skater and honorary member of Team Rep-ing, Brice Niebuhr. Talk about style, Brice has it on lock. Check out a few more pics of Brice shredding the gnar at Windells after the turn.

Congratulations Brice!

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Tonight: Powell Skatepark Fundraiser

Powell Skatepark Fundraiser Flyer

Head on over to Hopworks Urban Brewery tonight and support of the Powell Blvd. Skatepark. Colin, of Callin’ on Colin fame says

Hopworks is generously donating their space to show off “for sale” Artwork and Photographs by esteemed artists and photographers!

All drinks and food on this day will be profit shared with Skaters for Portland Skateparks to benefit the Powell Blvd. Skatepark project!.

Additionally, we will be having a swap-meet style product sale for new product donated by various sponsors!

See you there!

Found: A Golden Egg

A Golden Egg on Earth Patrol

Creativity and skateboarding seem to go hand-in-hand. Need proof? Check out “A Golden Egg”, the latest video by Jesse James and Chris Atherton. Click on through to the other side for the video along with a link to their interview on Crossfire.

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Drones, Victims, Adicts & Adverts

The Drones, The Victims, The Adicts and The Adverts on Earth Patrol

These are the Drones you are looking for along with the Victims, Adicts, and Adverts. Rewind to the late 1970’s to hear a bit of emergent punk. Be sure to check out the Peel Sessions for each band at a minimum. Enjoy the glorious sonic treats after the turn. EPM “no more time” Out!

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No Foolin’

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 45 - Steve Grover

April has arrived and along with it, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Grover. Doing Warren Bolster proud, Steve knows how to dress for success. That’s one sweet invert in the Treasure Bowl twilight. Check out a few more pics of Steve shredding in his seresucker ensemble after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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