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Tail Block for Your Thoughts

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 10 - Chris Nukala

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Chris Nukala, garners “proper points” for this stylish frontside tail block at Matt’s bowl. Consistently tearing it up for Team Merde, Chris is always down for shredding the gnar. Check out more pics of the Nukes after the turn.

Congratulations Chris!

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Tunnel Time Warp

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 9 - Mark Conahan

Sometimes what’s old is new again. Case in point, this sweet Tunnel setup as piloted by this week’s Monday Cover skater, Mark Conahan. That’s one styling frontside air on a piece of skate history. A pair of Tracker trucks, some Tunnel Rocks, a Tunnel 7-Ply(8″x28″) and you’re good to go. Check out more pics of Mark in a temporal skate warp after the turn. Thanks to Gage for letting us borrow this awesome setup.

Congratulations Mark!

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Skate Karma Opportunities

Pier Park Clean-Up/Benefit for Brooklyn Street Skate Spot

Are you looking to put your skate karma back in balance? Well, tomorrow, Saturday April 21st, presents at least two of these opportunities. First up is the annual clean up at Pier Park from 9am-1pm. Come on out and help spruce up the first skatepark built as part of Portland’s 19 skatepark plan. Next up on the skate karma tour is a benefit for the Brooklyn Street skate spot at Plan B. The festivities kick-off at 8pm and it’s sure to put your skate zen in perfect alignment. Check out all the details on the fliers after the turn. EPM “reaching skate enlightenment” Out!

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Fair Weather Skate Tornado

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 8 - Chad Fenlon

It seems the town of Aumsville experienced a fair weather skate tornado this weekend. At approximately 3:30 pm on Saturday, April 14th, under mostly sunny skies, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Chad Fenlon dropped into the Aumsville skatepark, shredding everything in site. Witnesses mentioned this a common occurrence at the park and seemed at ease with the whole event. Check out more of Chad’s skate devastation after the turn.

Congratulations Chad!

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