Monthly Archive for December, 2011

One Blunt Leads to Another

Mason Merlino @ Tigard; Photo: Bryce Kanights

… 48 of them to be exact. Check out Mason Merlino getting his frontside blunt warm-ups out of the way during Lifeblood team practice at FOB DoS. Count them for yourself after the turn. Thanks BK for the heads-up.

Photo: Mason Merlino @ Tigard by Bryce Kanights

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Sally Mutant on Generation X – The Interviews

Sally Mutant on Randy Katen's Generation X - The Interviews

It’s time for another new installment of Randy Katen’s Generation X – The Interviews. This week’s guest is singer, Sally Mutant, of the San Francisco punk/new wave band, the Mutants; it’s a good one. EPM “twisted thing” Out!

Photo Credit: Ruby Ray

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Protex Blue

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 52 - Matt Kline

Stand up grinds with style for miles, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Matt Kline, has ’em on lock. A more humble man you will not find and his high-speed, take no prisoners assault on the coping is pure poetry. Check out a few more pics of Matt and friends shredding his bowl after the turn.

Congratulations Matt!

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Doing Darby Crash Proud

Lifeblood Skateboard - We Must Bleed

Enter the circle of Lifeblood Skateboards and their latest media blitz a la: We Must Bleed. Chock full of Northwest shredding; this one is sure to get your skate blood pressure up to manimal levels. Check it out after the turn. EPM “lexicon devil” Out!

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