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Three Spots Left

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 33 - Sonny Robertson

Well the first 50 memberships to the revived DoS bowl are just about gone. Word has it that there are only three spots left. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Sonny Robertson, took full advantage of the opportunity and now enjoys the luxuries of smith grinding the DoS bowl whenever he gets the urge. So if you’ve been waiting to buy in, now is the time. Check out more pics of Sonny getting his money’s worth after the turn.

Congratulations Sonny!

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Beyond Twilight!

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 32 - Josh Gray

Tucked away, along the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula, is the town of Forks. A community not only friendly to vampires, werewolves and sasquatch but to skaters as well. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Josh Gray, holds it down for the locals with this huge air out of the bowl. Sick! Sporting pool coping and some unique tile work, this well designed Grindline bowl is worth the trip. Check out a few more pics of Josh tearing it up after the turn.

Congratulations Josh!

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Forks and Port Angeles

Earth Patrol Summer Solstice 2011 - Olympic Peninsula

Well, it’s time, once again, for the annual summer solstice skate adventure. This year we’re heading deep into bigfoot country on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Major skate targets include Forks and Port Angels. You can keep tabs on our adventure through our instagram photo stream and/or our facebook page. EPM “packing up and heading” Out!

Skate into Summer

Commonwealth Skate-stice June 21, 2011, 6-9pm

The folks over at Commonwealth skateboarding are inviting you to celebrate the arrival of Summer with some food, music and free skating this coming Tuesday, June 21 from 6-9pm. Hey, it’s a no-brainer: $1 hot dogs, $1 beers and the soothing sounds of the Bugs for maximum shred-biance. Check out a bigger flier after the turn. EPM “f’in’ a right, you know what we mean” Out

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Monday Cover Rebate

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 31 - Mark and Kathleen Conahan

Ever feel like your a day late and a Monday Cover short? Yeah, well that’s how we’re feeling due to non-skate related time consuming activities. So here’s a Monday Cover rebate of sorts. It features last week’s alternate cover shot of MC and Kathleen practicing some of their favorite backyard activities. Check out more twilight fire skate action in last week’s photo gallery. EPM “Kerosene around nothing to do” Out!

Congratulations Mark and Kathleen!

P.S.: Stay tuned for fresh photos from this coming weekend’s summer solstice skate trip into Washington state, Forks, Port Angeles and more….

PDX Skate Rock Tonight!

Benefit for Skaters for Portland Skateparks @ Plan B Saturday June 11, 2011

There’s gonna be some PDX skate rock tonight! Alright! Here’s the kicker: it’s a benefit for Skaters for Portland Skateparks in support of more concrete terrain in our fine city. It all goes down starting at 8pm at Plan B tonight on 1305 Southeast 8th Avenue. See an even bigger flier after the turn.

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Air and Fire

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 30 - Mark Conahan

It’s a birthday of sorts, it’s been two years since the Dreamland crew finished pouring MC’s bowl. In celebration, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Mark Conahan, lofts an air out of the deep while acknowledging the bowl’s two year anniversary. The fun didn’t stop there. Oh no siree bob. What goes with a bit of air? How about fire! Check out more pics of MC exploring the balance between air and fire along with a bonus cover after the turn.

Congratulations Mark!

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Ashley Anson + Commonwealth Skateboarding

Ashley Anson Art Show @ Commonwealth Skateboarding, June 3, 2011

Stoke! Ashley Anson has an art show tonight, June 3rd, at Commonwealth Skateboarding. Come show off your new found tan lines about the bowl (it’s sunny out today), while enjoying some of Ashley’s latest creations. All the fun begins at 6pm, see you there. Flier after the turn.

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Comrades in Art

Molly, Jon and more... Art Show @ Powell's, June 2-July 3, 2011

Well, while your busy building that ark to deal with the current Spring deluge, you might want to take a break and enjoy some artful distractions. Our recommendation, the opening reception of “We’re All Friends Here … Right?” at Powell’s from 6-9pm tomorrow evening, Thursday, June 2nd. Get all the details on the flier after the turn.

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