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Three Times and You’ve Got It

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 29 - Dan Hughes

Speak softly and skate a big stick; you will go far. Or, at least over the deathbox at MC’s Bowl like this week’s Monday Cover skater, Dan Hughes a.k.a. Northwest Skater. That’s a lot of lumber to loft over the lip in the tightness that is MC’s bowl. Check out a few more pics of Dan dialing the line over the deathbox plus a bonus cover after the turn.

Congratulations Dan!

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Lifeblood Ambassador – Scott Koerner

Scott Koerner - Lifeblood Skateboards Ambassador on Earth Patrol

You’ve heard of a fair-weather friend but how about a friend who found fair weather? Well, that’s what happens when you relocate from the Northwest, epicenter of liquid sunshine, to Southern California, epicenter of just plain old sunshine. Case in point, Scott Koerner taking advantage of his new found fair weather situation and a skate ambassadorship with Lifeblood Skateboards. Ahhh, living the dream. Check out Scott’s solar saturated shredding adventure after the turn. EPM “watching the rain fall” Out!

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Finish Line Beginnings

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 28 - Evan Potter

Charging to the finish, during the 4th Annual West Linn Park Slalom, is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Evan Potter. Competing with the 13-15 year olds, 10 year old Evan handled the course with ease on his way to winning the division. Keep the stoke little man and stay tuned for more coverage of the days events. Check out a few more pics of Evan flowing about the course after the turn.

Congratulations Evan!

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Sammytown on Generation X

Sammytown Interview on Randy Katen's Generation X

Hola amigos, Randy is enjoying a little Mexican siesta but that doesn’t mean the punk rock stops. Todo lo contrario. If you’ve seen a Mexican flag, you know that there is an image of a snake on it and snakes have fangs. Speaking of fangs, Sammytown, vocalist of the punk band Fang, is this week’s guest on Generation X, the interviews. Check it out after the turn. EPM “with friend’s like you” Out!.

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Protec Pool Party Tonight!

2011 Protec Pool Party Webcast @ 3pm PST, Saturday, May 21

There’s gonna be a Protec Pool Party tonight. Tonight! You’ve got nothing better to do than watch the webcast and have a couple of brews. All our friends are gonna hang out there tonight. Alright! Protec Pool Party Tonight! Protec Pool Party Tonight! Oh, and by the way, Hawk and Ffej are in the mix. Stoked!

Live webcast starts at 3pm PST today. (click it!)

Pylons in the Park

Tony Alva @ Wallos(upper left) and Henry Hester @ Carlsbad(bottom)

Mark it cone dodgers, this Saturday, May 21st is the 4th annual Skate Park Slalom at West Linn. Practice starts at 4pm followed by full on cone wiggling action at 5pm. Top times in each division wins some opulent skateboarding swag. Come on out and enjoy the fun. More info on the flier after the turn. EPM “Hester v. Alva” Out!

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Big Style Points

Benji Galloway @ Pier Park

Sometimes a single picture says it all. That’s one large and styling frontside air at Pier Park courtesy of Benji Galloway. He makes it look so effortless, a true natural. Check out a larger image after the turn.

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Creature Comforts

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 27 - Adam

Hope you like big backside airs out of a deep bowl because that’s what your gettin’. Or, at least, that’s what this week’s Monday Cover skater, Adam, is offering. For a guy who just started honing his vert skills, that’s one sick air. Check out a few more pics of Adam getting familiar with Pier Park after the turn.

Congratulations Adam!

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Pier Review

Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol: Pier Park

Hey, it’s Friday and the weather is looking like it might hold for tomorrow’s Pier Park session with Swami. If you’re looking for some serious deep bowl shredding, Pier Park is the spot. Check out this week’s Foto-Friday featuring a bit of shredding by Benji, Ty, Adam, Swami and more after the turn. EPM “tubeaway army” Out!

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Son of Bad Company

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 26 - Willis Kimbel

You might recall Bad Company was not only a band but a skate company in the 70’s. What’s the connection? Well, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Willis Kimbel, has direct ties by way of his father, O.G. Bad Lander and Bad Company Skateboards team rider, Curt Kimbel. Those are some deep roots and that’s one huge backside air at Pier Park. Check out more pics of Willis shredding it up after the turn.

Congratulations Willis!

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