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Anything to Fakie

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 16 - Benji Galloway

New indoor skatepark, new art, and new lines. Cheers to Commonwealth Skateboarding on their grand opening and to this week’s Monday Cover skater, Benji Galloway, to put it bluntly. Woohoo, concrete undercover; it’s been a long time comin’. Check out a few more pics of Benji getting “fakie firsties” at Commonwealth after the turn. EPM “speedo at the ready for adult swim” Out!

Congratulations Benji!

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Exene Cervenka on Generation X

Exene Cervenka Interview on Randy Katen's Generation X

What time is it punk soldiers? Why, it’s time to add another great interview to the Generation X vault. This week’s interview features founding member, and vocalist of the legendary punk band X, Exene Cervenka. Let’s just say we are beyond stoked and honored to have Exene in the mix. EPM “sugarlight, I can’t believe” Out!

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In and Out

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 17

The weather is still a bit hit-or-miss here in the Northwest as reflected by this week’s installment of Sorcery Saturday. The Sorcery 118 crew rolls with the weather “punches, so to speak, shredding the gnar whenever and wherever mother nature allows. Check out a couple of their latest videos after the turn. EPM “groundhog better be right” Out!

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Birthday Session for Jack

Jack's Birthday Session @ Newberg

Little Jack Grover celebrated his 7th birthday last weekend with a birthday skate session at Newberg. The weather was perfect and the “adults” enjoyed themselves as well. Check out a few snaps after the turn on this week’s foto-friday. EPM “Happy Birthday Jack” Out!

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Cephalopods from Outer Space

Man or Astroman and the Octupus Project tonight at the Doug Fir

Tonight at the Doug Fir, get your science fiction surf groove on courtesy of Man or Astroman and that’s not all. They’re playing with one of our current favorite bands, the Octopus Project. It’s sure to be a spaced out clam bake. Check out a few videos after the turn. EPM “gravity waves are a go” Out!

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Commonwealth Skateboarding Grand Opening

Commonwealth Skateboarding Grand Opening @ 3 pm, Saturday, February 26, 2011

In answer to CCR’s lyrical question, who’ll stop the rain, we submit Commonwealth Skateboarding. Get those soggy logs dry and those bearings lubed for their grand opening this Saturday, February 26th. Check out all the info on the flier after the turn. EPM “Commonwealth’s got you covered” Out!

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It is a “Tuma”

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 15 - Eric "Tuma" Britton

References to Arnold Schwarzenegger dialog aside, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Eric “Tuma” Britton, has some sick-smooth style courtesy of his Venice, CA roots. Eric holds it down for Santa Monica Airlines with this floater off the hip at West Linn. Check out a few more pics of Eric getting a taste of the Northwest after the turn.

Congratulations Eric!

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Mike Watt on Generation X

Mike Watt on Randy Katen's Generation X

Got a minute man? We sure hope so because it’s time again for Randy Katen’s Generation X live on KBGA FM Missoula. This week’s guest is none other than the man that played bass to D. Boon’s guitar and George Hurley’s drums in the Minutemen, Mike Watt. Be sure to click on the link below when the time is right. EPM “Jesus and Tequilla” Out!

Featured Guest: Mike Watt of the Minutemen; Sunday, February 20 @ 5-7pm PST

Listen to Randy Katen's Generation X on KBGA/FM Missoula, Montana

Grit and Soul

Grit & Soul - Brooklyn Street Skate Spot

Overcoming the elements to skate is a way of life here in the Northwest, requiring a bit of grit and determination to find that ever fleeting window of opportunity. This week’s foto-friday captures one of those sessions at the nascent Brooklyn Street Skate Spot. Check out all the action in the mirrored galleries, one gritty, one clean, after the turn. EPM “build it and skate it” Out!

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Randy Katen Pocket Pistol 2.0

Randy Katen Model by Pocket Pistol Skates - 33"x9"

There’s a new board in town and it’s lookin’ for trouble. What kind of trouble? Well, the “shred your face off” kind of trouble. It’s the latest Randy Katen signature model courtesy of Pocket Pistol Skates. So if’n you’re lookin’ to wrangle with some coping, RK’s PPS stick is just the thing to have in your skate holster. Check out more photos, board dimensions and ordering info after the turn. EPM “high plains drifting” Out!

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