Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Design It Yourself

Amoeba Bowl, Tristen's Spine Bowl. Nick's Halfpipe, MC's Bowl using Google SketchUp

Here’s something to help keep your skate brain entertained while you wait for that break in the weather. Why not design some sweet skate terrain. All you need is Google SketchUp, it’s free, along with a bit of an imagination. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy of SketchUp and get busy. Check out some of our handywork after the turn.

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Pipe Blocked

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 3 - Andy Macdonald

Honestly, who tail blocks the pipe at Pier Park? Well, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Andy Macdonald, is one of them. That’s one big pipe and that’s one rad tail block. Check out more pics of Andy’s dismantling of Pier Park after the turn.

Congratulations Andy!

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Snow Skate Seattle

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 8

It’s a right of passage, of sorts, skateboarding on a snowy day. The Sorcery 118 crew did just that during last week’s Seattle snow episode. Be forewarned, those with sensitive ears might want to start the Sorcery’s Snowday clip at the 2min:20sec mark to avoid any f-bomb concussions. Check out this week’s Sorcery Saturday pics after the turn. EPM “snurfer at the ready” Out!

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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Morning at Burnside. Thankful, we are.

We headed down to Burnside this morning for a pre-turkey feast session with the Grover clan. What a great way to start the day. Jack and Francis sure enjoyed themselves. Check out brother and sister having fun at the park after the turn. EPM “thankful” Out!

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NHS Northwest Love

Dreamland Wheels, Power Rider Wheels, Shrunken Head Creature Deck

OJ and Creature are spreading a bit of their skateboard love into the Northwest. Beneficiaries of said love, Dreamland, Power Rider Wheels, and your favorite shrunken shop, Shrunken Head Skateboards. Check out all the NHS/Northwest love by-products after the turn. EPM “support your local skate shop” Out!

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Fad Gadget and Silicon Teens

Fad Gadget and Silicon Teens on Earth Patrol

Well, in the interest of keeping this post’s rating at PG, here’s what you get for a visual pun with respect to Fad Gadget and Silicon Teens. Confused? No worries, all is revealed on this week’s YouTube Tuesday after the turn. EPM “shave it” Out!

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Insane in the Membrane

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 2 - Brad McClain

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Brad McClain, knows all about cranking up the volume to 11. Brad took overall top honors at the 2010 Oregon Trifecta by going huge, case in point, this strato-boned air on the bank wall at Tigard. Check out more pics of Brad turning it up “one more” after the turn.

Congratulations Brad!

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Tony Bardach on Generation X

Tony Bardach on Randy Katen's Generation X

This week’s guest on Randy Katen’s Generation X live on KBGA FM Missoula is Tony Bardach, founding member and bass player for the Vancouver, B.C. based Pointed Sticks. We can appreciate a band that derives their name from a Monty Python sketch. Be sure to check it out by clicking on the listen now button below when the time is right. EPM “she’s not alone anymore” Out!

Featured Guest: Tony Bardach of Pointed Sticks; Sunday, November 21st @ 5-7pm PST

Listen to Randy Katen's Generation X on KBGA/FM Missoula, Montana

Street and Vert

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 7

Oh man, the Sorcery 118 crew is up to its skate shenanigans once again while bridging the gap between street and vert skating. These guys skate it all. Stoked! Check out this week’s Sorcery Saturday picks with all the usual mayhem seasoned with a bit of West Seattle old guard skating after the turn. EPM “hey mo” Out!

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Magical Symbiotic Skate Environment

Burnside 20 Year Celebration on Earth Patrol

The current Burnside Bridge opened to traffic in 1926. Jump ahead to current times, and this 84 year-old bridge provides refuge to the now 20 year-old Burnside Skatepark. Each year, on Halloween, skaters don costumes and flock to the skatepark to celebrate in this magical symbiotic skate environment. Check out a few pics from this year’s celebration under the bridge after the turn along with a few bonus videos from BK and GVK.

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