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Serious Fun

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 42 - Jim Gray

One of the core values of skateboarding is having fun and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jim Gray, is a zen master. In addition to blistering the lip with his high speed grinds, the inventor of the JimJam and Gray Slide is one of the true ambassadors of skateboarding. Check out more pics of Jim living it up at the 2010 Oregon Trifecta after the turn.

Congratulations Jim!

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Free-Range Trifecta Photos

Brad McClain - Overall Pro Division Winner - 2010 Oregon Trifecta

Calling all photographers and their 2010 Oregon Trifecta photos. With all the photographers floating around during the event, there must be a ton of great shots lurking about the interweb. Feel free to post links in the comments or better yet, share them over on the Earth Patrol Network. Oh yeah, that’s none other than Brad McClain, overall Pro Division winner of the 2010 Oregon Trifecta, poking it out over the bank at Tigard. Check out a large image after the turn. EPM “calling all the papa and mamarazzi” Out!

UPDATE: Carl Warren, Kyle Ohlson’s and Julian Bleeker’s 2010 Oregon Trifecta photos added after the turn.

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And the Judges Say…?


At times, judging is a thankless job, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank this year’s Trifecta judges, Tom “Wally” Inouye, Mike Taylor, and the original “Steve-O” Steve Brockway (pictured above along with local Lincoln City shredder, Shea.) Also, be sure to check out the fruits of their labor, the 2010 Oregon Trifecta Results over at World Cup Skateboarding. EPM “thanks again dudes” Out!

Go Big or Go Home

Greyson Fletcher @ 2010 Oregon Trifecta

If you like big lofty airs and fast surf style skating, Greyson Fletcher has you covered. A newcomer to the Trifecta circuit, Greyson quickly became a crowd favorite with his go-for-it attitude and some of the biggest ollies you will ever see. Check out a few pics of Greyson catching some concrete waves after the turn.

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Concrete Dividends

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 41 - Carson Edwards

The Northwest is rich in great concrete to skate and the prefect “petri dish” for a new wave of skaters. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Carson Edwards, styling a nice backside air on the vert wall at Tigard. Hailing from Siletz, OR, Carson made his mark on this year’s Trifecta by taking 3rd in the Lincoln City Pro division and 5th at Tigard. Check out more pics of Carson getting his skate on after the turn.

Congratulations Carson!

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T-Rex OG Dagger

Oregon Trifecta 2010 - Tigard stop

Suck it up, lace ’em up, and pump it up for day three of the 2010 Oregon Trifecta. This year’s final stop is Tigard skatepark and a rendezvous with a T-Rex. Yeah, daggers! Once again, the folks over at GO211 will be streaming all the Jurassic action live starting at 12pm PST. For those that missed it, West Linn was off the hook. Check out a partial list of division winners after the turn. EPM “from WL chaos to Tigard mayhem” out!

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Coming in Hot

Oregon Trifecta 2010 - West Linn stop

Oh yeah, day one of the 2010 Oregon Trifecta is in the books. Onward to day two and a skatepark where earlier Trifecta’s cut their teeth, West Linn. Come on out and enjoy some great skating. Don’t forget that the fine folks over at GO211 will be streaming the event live starting at 12pm PST today. Yesterday’s event in Lincoln City went off like clock work. See a list of division winners after the turn. EPM “thanks LC, hello WL” Out!

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Crisscross Craziness

Oregon Trifecta 2010 - Lincoln City Stop

Yes, skate fans, it’s time once again for some skateboarding bedlam, a little mercurial mayhem. Yes, folks, there’s gonna be some crisscross craziness going down at stop one of the 2010 Oregon Trifecta in Lincoln City. If you can’t be there, don’t despair, the folks at GO211 will be streaming live coverage of the event. Now, while you wait for all the zany skate antics, check out some pics from prior Linclon City Trifecta events. EPM “coming in tepid” Out!

Supercharged, the Life and Times of Tim Brauch

Supercharged, the Life and Times of Tim Brauch @ Clinton St. Theater, Portland, OR

Tomorrow night, Thursday August 19th, head over to the Clinton St. Theater for a screening of Supercharged, the life and times of Tim Brauch. There’s an all ages showing at 7pm and for the adult beverage crowd, a 21+ showing at 9pm. Get all the details on the flier after the turn along with a film synopsis and a trailer. EPM “this is going to be the best day ever” Out!

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Tin Can, Under Rock, ????

Andy MacDonald - Doorway Play @ Pier Park

Possibly the only full pipe on the planet with a doorway, Pier Park Skate Park inspires Andy MacDonald to frontside lip slide the doorway’s upper edge. Focus, determination and about ten tries later, Andy made the trick and the rest is history. So what do you call that trick? Well, Bucky mentioned to Andy that he might call it a “tin can.” We thought it looked more like an “under rock.” Whatever it’s called, it’s insane. Check out more pics of Andy’s pipe adventures after the turn.

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